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Server installation.

There is a huge amount of VPS or Cloud solutions to buy dedicated servers.
Choose any you want.

Important! Minimum system requirements.

Windows server 2012 R2 (Operating system)
1 CPU (number of Intel Xeon processor cores, 2.2GHz)
2 Gb. RAM (amount of RAM, DDR4 ECC)
30GB HDD (capacity hard drive, SAS RAID)
1 IP (number of IPv4)

You can use any operating system ! It’s only recommendation !

Software setup.

For parsing quotes from the Internet, Python programming language.
For data storage, optimization and analysis will be used object-oriented programming language PostgreSql.

Control system. Anything you want, i use PyCharm.

PostgreSql – object-oriented programming language.
PgAdmin – database management IDE.
PgAgent – database automation.

You can find how to install and activate these programs on the Internet.
They are standard and will take a couple of hours.

It’s all what you need to start a personal DATA server.

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